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The world as you know it has fallen. All you have left is the hunt. Take your rifle, last few bullets, and track down the demonic creature roaming the wasteland. Perhaps one last hunt could change things?

Final Hunt is an early Oculus Quest VR prototype of a concept for challenging and eerie experience. Your rile takes time to load and can only take a bullet at a time. Make each shot count.

How to Play:

  • Left Thumbstick to move
  • Pickup weapon with Grip button
  • Pull back the bolt (with Trigger) to eject the casing
  • Insert a new bullet and close the bolt all the way
  • Your ammo is on your left hip, you can add more ammo you find into this slot
  • When you kill a monster, the target will be highlighted in red, look around
  • Kill the red monster to win

* Please keep in mind this is a very early prototype to test out the mechanics and theme of the game. Performance is not optimized. We plan to expand on this concept with either a story based approach or more of a rogue-like direction.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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