Join the frosty fun in Snow Fortress: RUSH! This single-player game, inspired by our VR title "Snow Fortress 2", flips the script. You're not fighting against the snowmen this time; you are the snowman! Embark on a chilly adventure in a picturesque winter landscape, where your mission is simple: bring down the enemy fortress.

What makes this game special? It's an example of game development using Unity, guided by ChatGPT and generative AI. "Snow Fortress: RUSH" is part of our unique tutorial series, demonstrating how AI can be used in game development. The series is aimed at newcomers to game dev as well as aspiring indie devs, but many of the tips apply to seasoned pros too. 

Tutorial Series:

Remember, this is just the beginning. As we progress with our tutorial series, expect updates and new features. Best of all, it's free! Dive into this adorable mini-game and discover the possibilities of AI-assisted game development.

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